Connoisseur Targets Education, Healthcare


5 Aug 2011
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Bengaluru-based Connoisseur Electronics has launched a series of products including tablets, digital white boards, smart books and digital podiums for interactive learning. The company is also readying products for healthcare industry, and plans to target healthcare and education market aggressively.

“The corporate segment is presently cut down on capex investments, and since last year that has been affecting our top lines. We have decided to opt for a vertical approach from thus year onwards and has identified education and healthcare as two potential segments,” said Harish Kumar RP, CEO, Connoisseur.

Harish said that while tablets would remain a fad among tech enthusiasts real applications for tablets would be from niche verticals. “We have hence launched tablets that are retailing as low as Rs 4,950 onwards, and would be targeted specific applications such as retail, education, ticketing and healthcare. We will stay away from the high-end market, where the big brands would compete for market share.”

He stressed that education and healthcare would remain high growth segments as consumers are serious about their children's education and family health. “Digital interactive learning is an in-thing, and we have complete set of solutions for this market, and can offer solutions that 20-30 percent cheaper than competition.”

All solutions for interactive learning are based on PC technologies. “We have been working closely with Intel, and is hoping to get further support in gaining customer share.” he said.

“Some of the products we have launched such as the Smart Pdoium allows a teacher to provide an interactive class, and even record and share entire lecture with all demonstrations on the board with students for posterity, are unique. We have already received a lot of interest across India and South Asia,” he added.

Harish informed that his company would continue building PC and PC related hardware, despite shrinking market share of assembled systems.

source : crn
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