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Good News Brought Samsung 40" Full HD TV


8 Feb 2015
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TV Model : UA40K5000ARLXL
Price(Samsung website) : 44,900
Price(i brought) : 37,900
Difference : 7,000
Type : Non Smart
Maximum Resolution : 1920 X 1080p (50hz/60hz)
Purchase Type : offline
delivery : next day(26th August,Installation on same day)
Real life product pictures : do not expect
Channel Pictures : soon to be uploaded after hd box upgrade in tata sky section
Review :
one liner - best product for first time sd to hd upgrade person if one has no requirement of smart tv apps as frequent use.
detailed -
- picture quality(sd box) : 7/10, as in sd box picture will upscale to hd so not up to the mark as there is blur in edge of content but still viable for distance view from 8 to 10 feet and not near to tv.
- picture quality(usb) : 10/10, in usb maximum view of content to be supported is 1920 X1080p @ 30 fps in x264 format in mp4 & mkv container. in usb even in 360p sd there is far less blur and quality also up to the mark matching 360p sd while viewing in computer's downloaded content.
- picture quality(hdmi) : yet to be upgraded to hd set top box.
- audio quality(sd box) : 9/10, audio quality with native left right speaker is good with bass in bottom firing speaker.
- audio quality(usb) : 10/10, as set top box has it's native control over audio quality gets no effect in usb play of music is far good in speakers. also there is audio enhancement is there for making even best. mp3 solo format which is supported for audio playback other like LPCM(wav audio) & DD(ac3) and DD+(eac3) are only supported in mkv container for playback with video stream.
-subtitle formats : timed text(ttxt) & srt both are supported in inside video or supplementary stream outside video(name must exact match with video file).

Extra Features (native model specific) :
- game mode : game mode is not a combined with standard picture format for color like standard,dynamic,movie & other but gives tv ui change to enhance game play ability while gaming console like xbox and playstation was there in hdmi.
- theater mode : same like gaming specific game mode this mode gives more movie viewing and comfortable experience like indian theater @ home in rca, hdmi & usb any device.
- cricket mode : this mode give your screen 9 split boxes then while in any box you zoom picture by 9x to judge any sporting movement by your self a tv umpire.
- DTS X HD Audio : can convert any 2 channel audio in rca, hdmi & usb in to virtual 5.1 audio experience without home theater like device for theater experience in home.
- Joy Plus Mode : joy plus mode is joy plus series only specific feature giving you ability to record audio & take screen shot of any device. joy plus also records audio + video in story retelling mode for any device. in limitations while in joy plus mode you can not change rca to hdmi or hdmi to usb mode as that will turn joy plus mode off. in story retelling video screen picture will only be taken once in every 5 sec. in simple word if one remembers facebook videos from your own photos & posts this story retelling does same with your on screen activity in one particular device as changing device will drop joy plus mode to off.

(*) Tested usb qualities are in the conjuring movie in 1080p hd & many other 360p videos in usb. all picture & audio qualities are tested in tatasky sd set top box with optimum possible value. all test for set top box was done under set top box's own capability of raining weathers and also in very hot conditions. for audio tests there was no external speaker used at all for best product ability test and was tested at volume bar @ 50% level.
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5 Oct 2015
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No need of smart tv buy
just buy any Android Box for OTT content...
our many bros using Lot's of android devices ....
by the way congratulations....
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