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Assam NRC, 40 lakh people not in list. West Bengal will shelter those not on Assam NRC: Mamata Banerjee


23 Aug 2018
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Illegal Migrants need to be deported. India doesn't have to keep them. We already have over population, some people don't have food to eat, less jobs for the people all due to over population.

Detention camps or no camps, doesn't matter. They need to go back to their own nation.
I beg your pardon. Why is BJP so keen on bringing all hindus from Indian Subcontinent (including from Afghanistan) to reside in our country as part of CAB when there is issue of over population? I myself will fight with government when Human Rights violation is going against Hindus in other countries for bringing them as migrants. But bringing them without any crisis is just politically motivated.

Coming to sending back immigrants. It's not easy. Our governments would have to prove that this immigrants belong to a certain country which itself is a headache. I say keep the existing immigrants. Instead of making them stateless. Take their voting rights away. Meanwhile start a legal immigration program so that the coming immigrants gets to easily go back.
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