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Around 50 percent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users switching to Apple iPhones: IDC


21 Jun 2013
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Samsung, as everybody knows it is going through a tough time. Even as all its efforts to revive the Galaxy Note 7 out of its misery failed, it still did not stop to make up to its customers. Beginning from the global recall to the exchange program, where they gave Galaxy Note 7 users options to get a refund, or exchange for its premium Galaxy smartphones. Not just that, Samsung also announced an upgrade program for its Galaxy Note 7 users who have or want to exchange it with a Galaxy S7, and eventually upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8 or the Galaxy S8. Amid all this, an IDC report has revealed the current scenario of Galaxy Note 7 users in the US.

The IDC survey was conducted four days after Samsung officially stopped the sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7. The survey focused on three groups of consumers — current Samsung smartphone owners (507), past Samsung smartphone owners (347), and people who have never owned a Samsung smartphone (228). Among the surveyed people, only 24 of them were Galaxy Note 7 users. After the survey was completed, the results showed that half of those 24 Galaxy Note 7 users said that they have or they will choose an Apple iPhone instead of the Galaxy Note 7. 17 percent of them said that they would still opt for a Samsung smartphone. The survey also showed that most of them will return their Galaxy Note 7 through a carrier’s physical store.

In terms of Samsung’s current stand and reputation, the survey found most of the respondents saying that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle will not impact one’s decision to buy other Samsung electronics and appliances. About the Galaxy Note 7’s global recall, the survey showed that most of the participants’ response to it was largely neutral and positive, and around 13 percent of them had not even heard about the recall.

This report cannot be the ultimate judge to how Samsung is faring after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, as the number of people surveyed is far too less for a good conclusion. In fact, it would be hard to shake the South Korean giant’s top position not only in India but also globally. However, the minor group which has been affected by this and has opted to switch from Samsung could be the same in different markets and ultimately could total to a big number. Ramon T Llamas, research manager in Wearables and Mobile Phones for IDC comments on this said, “For the minority of Samsung customers who are unlikely to purchase a Samsung smartphone in the future, the company has to win back consumer trust. Thus far Samsung has offered monetary incentives but, at the heart of the matter, consumers want to learn the root causes of the problem and how Samsung intends to fix them.”

With all efforts put into cleaning the dirt caused by the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, the Galaxy S8 which would be launched at MCW 2017, and the Galaxy Note 8 phablet. Considering the popularity and success of the Galaxy S7 smartphones, it is expected that the Galaxy S8 bring in something on the same lines or even better. Anthony Scarsella, research manager of Mobile Phones for IDC shares the same thought as he says, “Although the recall may have an adverse impact on the brand in the short term, the truth is that Samsung remains the clear market leader in the worldwide smartphone market. Moving forward, Samsung will need to put the Note 7 to rest as quickly as possible and focus all efforts on producing a stellar Galaxy S8 come next spring. If successful, consumers will quickly forget the Note 7 fiasco if the upcoming S8 can deliver on all fronts.”

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