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Apprehension : Rise of central bank digital currency (CBDC)


22 Nov 2018
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With emergence Bitcoins which where seen buy lots of government around world as a direct challenge towards there authority , Gov/Central bank around world are toying with idea of central bank digital currency (CBDC).Infact china has already started experimental use of it .Indian gov/RBI has allready expressed they would launch there version of it soon...

With rising digitalization we have seen recent events around world where you as person can be blocked by gov authorization from your accounts to withdraw your money if you act/participate/help/supports events which gov can considerer as threat to its functioning or authority.But at current this doesnot stops you to use money which you have with yourself

But what would happen in case with CBDC partially (and in future fully) replaces current paper money.What happens when gov nocks you out or what happens when or when some foreign organization blocks you out as because it gov ask it.....

Kindly remember that there wont be always a gov which one favors .there would be time when some other party would be governing you....

So i have more Apprehension about CBDC then .

Let me know your views about it
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