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13 Aug 2017
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As you all know, I'm going to be getting an iPhone 13 Pro Max in December, and since iOS has iCloud syncing for photos and videos, I wanted to know about the comparison between Apple Photos and Google Photos because I'm looking to subscribe to Apple One Family plan which I'll be sharing with 2 other cousins.

Can Anyone who uses an iPhone right now tell me an honest comparison between Apple's photos app and Google Photos app.

I more specifically want to know about these work (or whether they work) on Apple photos:
  1. Photo searching capabilities based on a given person, in a given place/city etc.
  2. Photo editing capabilities in the two apps
  3. Can we create new Animation/Collage like we can do in Google Photos?
  4. Does Apple Photos have an Archiving functionality like Google Photos or Trashing photos is the only option?
  5. Overall general feedback from both the apps
I'm asking this because I'm looking to disconnect as many Google services I can from my phone before I move to iPhone.
Hey, iCloud storage/Sync will be used by apps also to store data, not just photos. You can even upload files through the desktop.

1. Yes it works.
2. Editing in photos app is good/maybe same as google photos. But I use lightroom so can't say much.
3. You need to download a third party app for that.
4. They don't have to archive option but you can use the hide option if you want.
5. I prefer iCloud because it's easy very to access them across all Apple devices and I used iCloud storage for other stuff too.
Also does iCloud mail storage count against iCloud total storage?
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