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Apple Music - My Short review of Lossless & Dolby Atmos with different hardware


1 Feb 2015
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Devices or equipments used
1. Ipad 10.5 Pro
2. VU 85QPX TV
3. Onkyo TX-NR646 AV Receiver
4. Apple TV 4k 1st Gen
5. Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones

Enabled Dolby Atmos on Ipad pro 10.5 and audio quality selected as Hi-Res for streaming (though it says require external DAC for HiRes)

Enabled Dolby Atmos on Apple TV 4K. Hi-Res option not available in Audio quality, only Lossless

Tested with different hardware combination to check audio output

1. On Ipad Pro 10.5 internal speakers, even all settings enabled, only it plays Normal Quality (AAC 256 Kbps) Lossless or Dolby Atmos mark doesn't show.
(Apple says from 11 inch 6th gen Ipad pro onwards it supports on Internal Speakers)

2. When Ipad Pro connected to Sony Headphones using bluetooth it shows Loseless mark on Album Art

3. When Ipad Pro connected to same headphones using wired, also shows Lossless mark

4. When in Ipad settings, if I change Dolby Atmos to 'Always On', from 'Automatic', it shows Dolby Atmos mark with headphones via wired or bluetooth. Headphone Listening experience changes dramatically.:cheers::cheers:

5. When Ipad Pro connected using Airplay2 directly to Onkyo Receiver, shows only Loseless. No Dolby Atmos on Receiver. Onkyo shows Stereo ALAC 16 bit 44 Khz. Onkyo gets Stereo Channels only



6. When Ipad Pro connected to Onkyo NR646 using Aux cable, it shows only Loseless on Ipad. Onkyo shows Stereo ALAC 16 bit 44 Khz.

7. When connected Ipad Pro using Airplay2 to Apple Tv 4k on TV speakers, IPAD and Apple TV shows Dolby Atmos. Cant verify what audio, TV is processing


8. When connected Ipad Pro using Airplay2 to Apple Tv 4k on onkyo receiver connected using HDMI ARC shows Dolby Atmos on Ipad and Apple TV but Onkyo app shows Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 (this I need to retest again. I guess Airplay2 not able to send Dolby Atmos Data)


9. When playing directly on Apple Tv with TV Speakers, it shows Dolby Atmos on TV. Cant verify the audio, TV is Processing

10. When playing directly on Apple Tv with Onkyo Receiver using HDMI ARC, it shows Dolby Atmos on TV and Onkyo App as well as on received


11. Cant find any option for Hi Res Audio tracks. I guess tracks are limited or Hi-res mark will show only if I connect DAC to my Ipad. Any Ideas?

12. No option on Apple music Android App for Lossless or Spatial Audio

Open for comments....
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