Apple more money than the U.S. government

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7 Apr 2011
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New York economic power of the U.S. government has been depleted. Position that he has saved more money, more money than is the technology company Apple. U.S. Department of Finance to release figures for the first time warned of the treasures that he has left limited funds.

If 2 to August over the differences between Republicans and Demo R Et members not to be increased in future financial difficulties. Republican White House also warned members that the government save money in running costs have 2 August. The U.S. government's coffers to $ 73.76 billion (Rs 3.25 lakh crore) of the amount. 75.87 billion for the Apple (3.35 lakh crore) is the cash. The remaining x Page 6

Ie about 14.3 billion U.S. currently has a debt of Rs 6435 lakh crore. Debt of 18 million that is growing every second. That's why the U.S. wants to limit lending. Between the Democratic and Republican members of the Indian Parliament is unable to agree. The voting on Thursday rejected the Republicans did. In any case, must consent to the government until Tuesday.

Apple made the rich in 4 years

The world's largest technology company, Apple is close to the 75.87 billion dollars cash. Its market capital is 363.25 billion dollars. He started from 2007 to elevate. IPhone was launched this year. In three years, Apple, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has gone even further. Stock market also reached: Steve Jobs, the Apple company's stock is $ 400. Since Apple is Microsoft, which has $ 40 billion cash.

Why raise the debt crisis in the U.S.?

U.S. increased costs, it was less than the tax.

America in the last ten years, Afghanistan, Iraq and military action in Pakistan has spent $ 3.7 trillion.

The cost is expected to rise to $ 4.4 trillion.

Annual budget deficit is $ 1.50 trillion.

Why need a loan?

Government debt is the money to pay the regular charges.

The military pay, interest on loans and the amount includes the cost of health care.

On credit riskDid not pay the debt will affect credit, credit cards, car and the loan rates for houses will grow rapidly.

U.S. banks will get back money from foreign lenders.

To repay the loan in case the 'triple A' rating will be in danger.
give a link to sorce.
Yes, already posted with source here.

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