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Amazon said to be developing its own smartphone


16 Feb 2012
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Amazon is said to be in the midst of developing its own smartphone, which will compete against the iPhone and the Android smartphones, says Bloomberg. The world's largest online retailer is said to have partnered with Foxconn to manufacture the handset for it.


There are no other details available at the moment but if Amazon plans to compete with iPhone their phone has to be high-end, unlike the Kindle Fire, which was a budget offering. We don't know what software it would be running but it's fair to assume it would be a heavily customized version of Android such as the one on the Kindle Fire.
Considering Amazon has its own application store, along with books, music, movies and loads of other stuff, it really doesn't matter if it doesn't allow access to the Google Play Store (assuming you're in the US).
Amazon may not have the same brand value when it comes to smartphone, seeing as it doesn't have any so far, but it does run the world's most popular online store, where it can advertise the phone on every page. This, coupled with the content from its store and possibly an attractive price tag means the Amazon smartphone could be a success, just like the Kindle Fire.

Via gsmarena
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