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After WannaCry, security experts warn users of new ransomware attack ‘UIWIX’


21 Jun 2013
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Even as the hullabaloo over WannaCry or WannaCrypt ransomware attack has barely settled, news of another global cyber attack has emerged. Chinese agencies have issued a warning against a virus named UIWIX that is targeting Windows desktops and devices. The virus is said to be spreading at a fast pace in the Western countries.

However, as compared to WannaCry, the UIWIX virus seems to be spreading at a slower pace and yet, it is deemed more dangerous as there is no “kill switch.” Another warning against the new virus was issued by Danish cybersecurity company Heimdal Security. Analysts seem torn regarding the level of threat from the new virus, though most agencies advise users to exercise caution and treat all unidentified mails or files with caution. “UIWIX ransomware is picking up where the first WannaCry wave left off, without a kill switch domain and the same self-replicating abilities that enable it to spread fast,” Heimdal Security told AFP. China, affected severely by WannaCry, is taking double measures against any future attacks, suggest reports.

After WannaCry, security experts warn users of new ransomware attack ‘UIWIX’
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