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Sad News 2.7 lakhs of trees to be chopped down for hydropower project


23 Aug 2018
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2.7 lakh trees to be felled for hydropower project in Arunachal’s Dibang Valley

The Union environment ministry’s Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) will on Thursday take a call on granting clearance to a hydroelectric project in one of the most biodiverse Himalayan zones in Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang Valley. The project will involve diversion of 1150.08 ha of forest land and felling of 2.7 lakh trees in what FAC’s documents call “subtropical evergreen broad-leaved and subtropical rainforest”.

“We have not heard from any locals about their concerns about the project. The FAC will hear it tomorrow [Thursday],” said Anjan Mohanty, the inspector general of forests.

A FAC sub-committee report on Tuesday recommended the 3,097 MW Etalin Hydroelectric Project be allowed with a condition that the developer deposits money for wildlife conservation in the area.
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