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  1. K

    Good News Flipkart Big Saving Days | 24-26 Mar'21 | SBI Card

    I feel Debit Card EMI is nothing but direct cheating, they charge very high interest rates and charges on top of it. I never saw any no cost EMI on debit cards, not sure if I missed but I never saw them.
  2. K

    Good News Purchased a New Flat in Chennai

    Congrats @Gobinaath bro!!
  3. K

    General Discussion about Jio

    Yes issue got resolved after 2 hours, not sure what happened. And also there are no BSNL 3G and 4G signals from today morning and it is not resolved yet. Jio tower is located near to my location, BSNL tower located bit away so both may not be related.
  4. K

    General Discussion about Jio

    From past 30 minutes ther is no Jio signal at my place :( I have Jio sim on mobile and also on JioFi device, both are not showing signal :(
  5. K

    Good News Amazon Republic Day Sale | 20-23 Jan'21 | SBI Card

    I too bought it as we get 500 amazon pay credits for ₹500 so no loss even if we don't buy anything with it 😎
  6. K

    Good News Amazon Republic Day Sale | 20-23 Jan'21 | SBI Card

    You are Awesome! Please share how to maintain them and your experience with different cards.
  7. K

    Discussion Are you still excited about these SALE days?

    Exactly, only one sale is great and the rest all are just for name sake. I have recently checked how amazon looks for seller as my friend recently signed up as seller on Amazon. Marketplaces earn lot of money when we buy items from 3rd party sellers (not Cloudtail or Retailnet), so I doubt how...
  8. K

    Good News Amazon Republic Day Sale | 20-23 Jan'21 | SBI Card

    I don't have Sbi credit card, would have loved if they had included SBI debit cards as well.
  9. K

    Article No more complimentary data with Jio Top-Up Vouchers and off-net calling minutes with Jio 4G Data Vouchers

    I will miss the vouchers, I use Jio only for data and calls change does not help me ☹️
  10. K

    Lifetime Free Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

    Sign up on icici iMobile app and you should be able to see your card based on registered mobile number.
  11. K

    Lifetime Free Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

    Finally I got my physical card deliveresd today ( though I had digital card and was using it online already) They sent the card first to my office address without asking me :( I had to contact customer care and again request for re-dispatch to my home address.
  12. K

    YONO by SBI

    These are for orders placed 3 months ago.
  13. K

    YONO by SBI

  14. K

    YONO by SBI

    I have placed few amazon orders 2-3 months ago from Yono app as there were no other offers available. At that time Yono app showed 5% cashback for orders placed from Yono app with SBI cards. I received those all cashbacks worth over ₹1000 today
  15. K

    Lifetime Free Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

    Finally my Amazon Pay Credit card got approved today, I had to cancel application twice as it was not going through correctly and getting stuck even before details are verified. I reapplied yesterday and did immediate video KYC after aadhar authentication. Once they got my details it was really...
  16. K

    Good News Happy Birthday Rajkumar Bro

    Happy Birthday @RajKumar bro!!
  17. K

    Seeking Help Which telecom provides better indoor signal..?

    For me Jio provides better indoor coverage followed by Airtel.
  18. K

    Lifetime Free Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

    After multiple follow-ups for 2 weeks my previous application was cancelled yesterday, I reapplied it again but when I select Video KYC it shows popup saying undefined :( Customer care says I am not eligible for video KYC, not sure why it is so. I am sure I have good CIBIL, still they say I...
  19. K

    Discussion Google Task Mate - News & Updates

    Anyone using it already? How is it and how to get invite?
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