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    Discussion IPTV Discussions

    IPTV Streaming : 1021. Bravo HD USA Bravo HD is an entertainment channel
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    Discussion IPTV Discussions

    More world channel updates to follow .... :)
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    Discussion IPTV Discussions

    Thank you very much @SarfaRaZ :) Will keep on exclusive IPTV streaming channels from all over the world.
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    Discussion IPTV Discussions

    Starting a new thread under IPTV subscription Digital Streaming Services. Will be updating channel information here. Box TV is a Bulgarian Music Channel
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    Hows the weather in your place?

    Our Assam weather always unpredictable.... Hot summer and rain always follows... btw weather cloudy in belgaum (karnataka) currently... i am also basically from Guwahati.. :)
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    Good info :)
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    Images of the Day

    My Photography : Some of the portrait photographs of village people that i have clicked with my Nikon D5100 DSLR camera in Burudkatti, Bailhongal Taluka, Belgaum District (Karnataka)
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    Tapatalk News & Updates

    Thanks for the update @admin... Now tapatalk logo visible for my username on who's online, when i log in thru Tapatalk HD thru my android .. :tup Looks like the Bug is fixed now ...
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    9X Jalwa Revamps

    Very good info with screenshots...
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    The Best Glasses-Free 3D for Any Device

    Good share.... whats the cost of a pair of 3D glasses in Indian market??? :huh
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    Facebook unveils new News Feed

    Currently i have also signed up for graph search too :) ya it will be a slow roll out ...
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    Bomb Blast in Hyderabad

    This is very condemnable incident :( Very sad moment for people who lost their own family members :-/
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    Bomb Blast in Hyderabad

    @Raviteja : ya is it in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad?? i am watching Sakshi news Telegu now....
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    Snaps: My New Samsung Smart Tv 3D LED ES6200

    kya baat janab.... :) aap toh chaand - e - bahar ban gaye ho :lol 3D LED TV k saath :lol
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    Brought iPad 4 32GB

    Congrats @Raviteja :)
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    Nishica NS888 Digital Solar/AC Mains Inverter Review

    Great work @Vinay :) Welcome back after a long time :)
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