BSNL MNP ratio at 3.86 in June 2022: DoT

BSNL MNP ratio further nosedives in June 2022 owing to decreased port-ins and increased port-outs.

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State-owned telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited’s (BSNL) MNP ratio (Po/Pi) took a hit in June 2022, increasing from 3.05 in the preceding month to 3.86 in June.

BSNL in June saw 157084 port-ins, down from 170312 port-ins in the preceding month, whereas it saw 606231 port-outs, increasing from 519419 port-outs in the preceding month. The gross SIM sales for the month stood at 1037957, up from 1028988 in the preceding month.

The number of online transactions on its portal increased from 27,82,427 (April 2019), 36,53,078 (April 2020) and 38,71,899 (April 2021) to 37,28,084 in the month of June 2022.

The data traffic from wireline broadband increased from 18.2 PB in April 2019, 155 PB in April 2020, and 278.6 PB in April 2021 to 421 PB in June 2022. The telco completed 0.0157 M capacity migration of upgrading the old legacy wireline exchange in June 2022 out of the planned 4.76M capacity NGN port migration. The cumulative migration stands at 4.05M.

BSNL added 20GB of caching links (cumulatively 240GB links in current FY 2022-23), making the cumulative capacity of 3380GB caching and 2614.05 GB peering link capacity. The gross landline achievement stood at 14088 connections, while the gross ADSL broadband achievement stood at 2975 connections.

The gross Bharat Fiber FTTH achievement stood at 97904 connections, whereas the gross Bharat Air Fiber (data) achievement stood at 2025. The gross new leased circuits stood at 2345 with 1739 upgradation and total provisioning including upgradation of 4714.

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