Apple could be working on sleep tracking mattress: Report

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Since Apple acquired the sleep tracking company Beddit in 2017 it has been rumoured that the company will bring sleep tracking tech to its Apple watch. Now, as per a report by AppleInsider the company has filed a new patent filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) which hints that it is working on a sleep tracking blanket and mattress.

According to the filed patent, Apple thinks that using wearables like smartphones or fitness bands could be uncomfortable for some users and hence the tech firm is proposing a mattress or blanket with integrated sensors in various parts to not only track quality of sleep but also shows vital health signs such as temperature.

Accelerometers, electrodes, piezoelectric sensors, and temperature are some of the sensors which would be used to measure the movement and temperature of the users while they sleep on the bed.

Apple’s proposed system could also connect to smart thermostats, smart lights with HomeKit to adjust the temperature and lighting inside the house for optimal sleeping conditions. To improve sleep quality it can provide feedback or suggestions to the user as well.

The mattress or blanket would record and show data which includes heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate variability, user’s motion and temperature. This data would be accessible in Apple’s ecosystem of Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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